How to Become an Urban Monk

Individuals become an Urban Monk by developing and sharing a Rule of Life with others. A Rule of Life consists of biblically-rooted spiritual practices that help Urban Monks solve and end social issues and injustices in the communities in which they live, work, worship, recreate, socialize, and/or serve.

Such practices are found in the actions and writings of ancient, past, and contemporary Christian mystics and reformers, and in the writings and actions of those who have learned from them. Each Urban Monk chooses which practices to include in their Rule of Life.

Urban Monks also share aspects of their Rule of Life with others in order to help one another live out a personal covenant with God that is rooted in the passion of Jesus Christ.

The source of Jesus’ passion was his intense love for humanity which resulted in his uncompromising commitment to spiritually and physically restore humanity. Thus, Urban Monks seek to restore the communities of their everyday life by solving and ending social issues and injustices.

Become an Urban Monk